Fat Ogre Games & Comics has a full line up of the unique, the interesting and the extremely cool in the forms of art, statues, mugs, tshirts, collectibles and many more items. Everything from bags, wristbands, coasters, cups and banks to masks, stickers, patches, magnets and snacks can be found throughout the store.

Action Figures are for kids of all ages… and boy do we have something for everyone here at Fat Ogre! Find character toys from comic publishers DC and Marvel, or from your favorite TV shows and movies like Doctor Who, GI Joe, Star Wars, and Transformers. And if that isn’t enough miniature, playable awesome you can also find figures from sports, anime and video games too. Toys for kids of all ages!

Geek couture at its finest! Comic t-shirts, movie t-shirts, hoodies, caps, scarves… It’s amazing that we can fit all this cool stuff into one place. Wear the logo of your favorite superhero. Display your love for Star Wars, The Avengers, X-Men, Doctor Who or another cult-classic… With something for every taste it’s difficult NOT to find something to wear in our apparel section. Be sure to check here often, as new shirts are added all the time!