Superman – Corny or Cool?

They’ve darkened him down a lot, a bit more along the lines of Batman’s “get it done at all costs” attitude.  Supes ain’t quite as nice as he once was, but he’s still about doing the right thing.  But what that is can be a matter of opinion!  Fortunately, his book is written well enough to lend depth to that question.  Superman, the man of steel, now has a depth of character I haven’t seen in years.  Way to go, writers!

His revised costume (starting with the New 52 DC Universe reboot) is actually more like armor.  Gone are the cloth “tights” and there’s no spandex going on up in here!  Armor, baby, ARMOR!  Wait!  Does Superman even need armor?  Who cares.  It looks cool.  Even the famous “S” symbol he wears on his chest and the color scheme of the get-up mean something – it is his coat of arms.

Truth, Justice, and the American way!  That is what Superman stands for.  Corny or Cool?  I’m going with COOL.